Fashion Week Is a Jekyll & Hyde Type of Sitch

WWD's birdseye shot of the Vogue show at Lincoln Center

I don’t really have a blog post planned for the day, so I figure I’ll just pop off about Fashion Week.

Fashion Week is a blessing and a curse. I mean, it rules because it’s totes fun going to shows and presentations and after parties and stuff. And it’s true that you get a bunch of free ish and get to drink specialty fru-fru cocktails that you’d be judged for drinking on a normal night. And also there’s music and DJs and crowds and whatever. All good, right?

Wrong. The seedy underbelly of Fashion Week is… aw, hell, I dunno where I was going with that. Probably I was trying to work in some Mugatu/Derelicte type of storyline, but it’s just not there.


No, it’s not.

Really, the only downsides to Fashion Week are that there are too many parties and that there are a bajillion friggin’ models all up in our turf. Seriously though, WHY ARE THEY ALL ON BEDFORD AVE? To make me feel bad about myself, that’s why. If I see one more ruggedly handsome 6’4″ Frenchman smoking cigs on our corner, I am going to lose my shit and give myself little cuts on my legs where no one can see them. I literally hear Angela Chase’s voice in my head say, “You’re so beautiful… it hurts to look at you.” Meanwhile, I’ve never felt shorter, more poorly proportioned or homelier in my entire life. L:C employee and our homegirl, Lo on Fashion Week: If it’s model season, does that mean we’re allowed to shoot them? (Answer: No.)

Anyway, we haven’t made it to any of the shows, presentations or parties were were invited to up until today—how was the Metal thing last night, Liz?—but tonight’s Fashion’s Night Out, y’all, so I’m pretty sure we’ll make up for it. We’re def hitting up one of the Buckler jams tonight after we close the store, and we’ll see what kind of trouble we get into from there.

Oh, and if you’re wondering: We’re not positive if L:C will be doing anything this evening. Frankly, we’re so exhausted from opening the store we might just have to catch up with FNO next go-’round. We might could be convinced to stay open late and offer some last-minute discounts, though. Stay tuned.

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