The L:C Team

Life:Curated’s got the bomb digg staff, y’all. Here’s the cast of characters:

Sarah—aka The Meyer—is the Owner and Boss Lady at Life:Curated. Sarah enjoys dancing to 90s music and (classy) reality TV. She hates pickles, and has a cat that acts like a dog.

Sarah grew up in Indiana, studied fashion design in Georgia, and then moved to New York. Before opening L:C, Sarah designed for various fashion lines, and she continues to freelance when she finds the time.

You can usually find Meyer behind the counter at L:C or working hard in the office under the stairs.Ryan is Life:Curated’s Creative Director and co-founder. Ryan can’t get out a full sentence without throwing in an abreve, and he isn’t afraid to admit he loves Cougar Town.

Ryan lived in Missouri, Georgia, and Pennsylvania before settling in New York. He splits his time between L:C and a major publishing house, where he designs books for children.

When Ryan’s not designing and planning and selling, he’s spooning his dog Boo Radley.Sunni (suh-nee) hails from the Great State of Texas where she studied fashion merchandising and began a career in retail management with Paul Frank Industries. Now she’s kicking it in the ‘Burg, styling and selling at L:C. Don’t ask her to watch The Real Housewives with you because reality TV makes her cringe. She will, however, stick with something like True Blood for five seasons.

This broad is always up for a good laugh, a strong Bloody Mary or a bearded man in a tank top.

Eemily_bio_pic2mily met Sarah at a Pickle Haters Anonymous (oops, blew that anonymous outta the water—sorry, Sarah) meeting. A mutual love of fashion and the Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack gave way to a whirlwind romance of employment.

Emily enjoys run-on sentences, black clothing and the way Ciara dances in the “Ride” video. You can usually find her watching Buffy or exploring her relationship with her first true love, karaoke.jamie_bio_pic1Jaime—also know as Jinx—is a Los Angeles native who moved to New York to follow in the footsteps of his greatest inspirations, Warhol, Harring and Basquiat. He dabbles in photography, installation and performance art, conceptual lighting, graphic design, and visual merchandising. Jinx’s favorite past times are bleaching clothes and cutting paper, and when he isn’t creating or working, you can find him on the dance floor.

Jaime lives his life day to day and leaves his future to faith. Check out Jaime’s blog here.


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