The Meyer

“Passion for fashion.”  If anyone says that to me again, I might smack them and tell them to work on being more original.

Before I started working on opening the store of my dreams, I used to interview interns at my previous job and this is something I heard on a regular basis.  The best thing about being your own boss is working with people you love and getting to be super picky about who they are.  Thank god none of these folks have ever said this to me, otherwise, they’d be fired.

L:C Staff Member: Sarah Meyer aka The Meyer (or Da Meyer as Mo calls me).
Where did this nickname originate: Actually not quite sure except that Trish called me that one day and then the next day everyone else did and it stuck.
What do you do besides living your life at the store: Still working in the design side of the industry, freelancing for a few different projects.  Also can make a mean playlist which earned me my DJ name, DJ S&M (as in Sarah Meyer, not the other thing you’re thinking, but kinda funny how that works out).
Fave weekend activity: Tie between “going to the beach”, which is actually laying in the park by the water in Williamsburg and dancing.  Everyone who knows me knows that I can’t help but dance if I hear music.
Fave TV Show: So many!!! Kind of a TV whore.  I do get out, I promise.  DVR is a godsend.  But seriously, currently cannot wait til Dexter starts again in a couple weeks. How is he going to get out of this one???  Poor Rita!!
Fave item in the store: The vintage furniture that we found at Brimfield.  As much as I love fashion, I equally love furniture.  We found some amazing industrial tables and a few sweet Danish chairs that I’ve re-upholstered and updated with fabric I found at Mood.

Who’s next?  Maddy?

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