Elizabeth Knight Jewelry

Elizabeth Knight's seahorse necklace in oxidized silver and gold, available at life:curated.

I’m proud to post Elizabeth Knight Jewelry as our second Designer Spotlight. Elizabeth Knight‘s line fuses natural science with deluxe materials—mink jaws become shiny pendants, frog feet clutch pearls to become earrings, and stingray tails are parlayed into gold broaches. Creepy? Not at all. I believe the word you’re searching for is haaawwwwt. I also totally dig that a lot of her pieces are unisex cuz it’s so hard to find a good piece of man-jewelry, you know what I’m saying? Rest assured that there’s nothing femme about wearing a scorpion tail around your neck, fellas. And if you do happen to want something on the girly side, ladies, check out Elizabeth’s oxidized silver and gold seahorse necklace (left). Totally affordable and available at life:curated in September.

An aside: Liz also happens to be one our very best friends. I’ve been knowing this chick since we were 17-years-old, and am so very proud of the designer she’s become. (She actually knows all of my secrets, too, which is why I’m showing so much e-love. Totally kidding.) We love you, Lizzy. And more importantly, we love your jewelry.

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