You Make a Better Door Than a Window.

…Okay, that post title didn’t make a whole lot of sense. I feel like some family member used to say that to me when I was little, but I can’t remember who. Anyway.

Check it out, fellas:

We threw up our window vinyls this past Friday afternoon! Or, rather: Tough Serge and his assistant threw up our window decals this past Friday afternoon! Looking boss, riiieeght? It’s mad satisfying to see some actual tactile results. We’ve been working hard since January so we’re relishing in the fact that the spot is painted and our window vinyls are up and smooth as hell. (Thanks, Carrie and Serge!) Now if we could just get rid of that wretched door handle. I’m pretty sure that bad boy came second hand from the set of Saved by the Bell because I’ll be damned if that ain’t straight out of The Max. It’s getting traded in, don’t worry.

To be clear: These decals are only up until we complete our buildout. We realize that it would be bad business to block your view of the store once it’s complete. I only say this because we had a funny conversation with our next door neighbor about the pros and cons of the decal. HIM: I have mixed feelings. It looks cool, but how will people know what you sell if they can’t see in? US: No, no, you misunderstand—temporary. HIM: Oooooh.

If y’all are biking around the neighborhood make sure you cruise by Grand Street at Bedford. Big ups to Jonny, Jenn, Cecilia, Ben and Maddy for letting us liken them to the 50ft Woman. Check back in soon for more construction updates.

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One Response to You Make a Better Door Than a Window.

  1. marcel says:

    just saw the video you guys made from the shoot. good shit! can’t wait to see the store.

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