Meyer and Gee Talk Men’s Fashion Spring ’14

WE ARE IN THE MIDST of men’s market for Spring’14, my personal favorite, and Gee (our new summer social media intern) and I have pulled a group of designers that we thought stood out above the rest during fashion week. These designers are who we think are the most fashion forward will most likely be seen on the all the trending street style blogs in the future. In no particular order…..

balmainBalmain – Meyer and Gee
Meyer: Straight up sex on a stick! I want everything from this collection in girls’ sizes, including the model, as is:)
Gee: Chic and sophisticated with edgy air force inspired jumpsuits and naval leather jackets in the classics: black, white and navy. Definite true to Balmain slim cut tailored looks, but he also ventured into the loose and comfortable.

paulsmithPaul Smith – Meyer
Guys should really wear more pink.

driesvannotenDries Van Noten – Gee
Lots of print on print! Navy blue and gold seem to be the two primary collection colors focusing on fun and playful. Definitely for the more fashionably inclined guy but when separated, could be worn by the regular dude, though regular dudes probably won’t spend that price tag

burberryBurberry – Meyer
One word: Saturation. The colors in this collection are very contained but so brilliant that you can’t look away.

philiplim3.1 Philip Lim – Gee
I love it all; from the 80’s surfer glasses to every shade of blue you can find. The ocean and coral reef palette really work with the collection. It’s the hip surfer dude who loooooves fashion.
*p.s. Obsessed with the clear jelly sandals for men.

haiderHaider Ackermann – Meyer
It almost looks like it could be a fall collection with how dark and covered it is. But the layers, lots and lots of luxurious layers! My fave is the middle guy, so tough but fancy.

krisvanascheKris Van Assche – Gee
The collection keeps the focus on simple, solid colors with a sprinkling of polka dot patterns. Blazers are paired with loosely tailored shorts and slacks are on trend. It is a minimalist look that still retains plenty of character.

neilbarretNeil Barrett – Meyer
Master at keeping black and white interesting. Striped fur on fur, abstract buffalo plaid and sick kind of stripe-y tees. Digging the ever-so-slightly cropped pants with no socks, but I’m not so sure about the shorts with grandpa calf socks pulled up. Is this something that’s happening now? Here’s hoping to it not trickling down.

fendiFendi – Gee
Desert hues keep this interesting mix of modern sportswear and urban prep slightly subdued. The loose tailoring trend continues with anoraks and shirts constructed in satin fabrics, while trousers remain slim, sometimes carrot-y, without getting too tight.

marniMarni – Meyer
Proportion and playfulness are key to any Marni collection. I really want that brown leather hoodie jacket, like really want it.

jilsanderJil Sander – Gee
Jil Sander wins again! Minimalism that isn’t boring. Monochromatic floral and paisley prints are all layered on top of a relaxed silhouette to form a modernist rendition of leisure-class luxury.

bandofoutsidersBand of Outsiders – Meyer
This is just for fun, look how much fun they had doing this lookbook! This guy is hilarious.

*Pictures compiled from and

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