Grrrl Mix, by Tiny Precious Baby Emily Music

GIRLS RULE. Fact. Boys drool. Also fact. All of the below songs are rad. Fact. Again.

Wanna know why I’m throwing all these facts at you? ‘Cause I’m a girl, and girls rule. (See Fact 1). Here’s my list of songs for you and your ladies to get rad to:emily_grrrlmix

  1. After Dark – Le Tigre
  2. Leader of the Pack – The Shangri-las
  3. Hounds of Love – Kate Bush
  4. I Know What Boys Like – The Waitresses
  5. Life’s Half Price – JD Samsan & Men
  6. Earth Intruders – Bjork
  7. Oh – Ciara
  8. Lovers In the Parking Lot – Solange
  9. Viva Forever – Spice Girls
  10. Creep – TLC
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