Meet the New Guy: Jaime

WE’VE GOT A NEW GUY on staff. His name’s Jaime.

jamie_bio_pic1Jaime—also know as Jinx—is a Los Angeles native who moved to New York City to follow in the footsteps of his greatest inspirations, Warhol, Harring, and Basquiat. Because Jaime’s passions don’t only exist in fashion—he also dabbles in photography, installation art, conceptual lighting, performance art, graphic design, and visual merchandising. Since moving from LA, Jaime has shown several pieces in the SilentNoise art auction.

Jinx’s favorite past times are bleaching clothes and cutting paper. When Jaime is not creating or working, you can find him on the dance floor. (But sorry, boys. This guy’s off the market.)

Jaime lives his life day to day and leaves his future to faith. He’s a dreamer and a strong believer in good things happen to good people. To learn more about Jaime, check out his blog here.

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