Ladylike Gift Ideas: Volume 1

HEY, FELLAS, here are a few great gift suggestions for your ladyfriend, from the lovely women of Life:Curated:


1. Thorn Dangle Earrings by ACB by Annie Costello Brown, $120. You know how sometimes you want to give her a piece of jewelry, but a ring feels, well… heavy? Instead, gift her these asymmetrical beauties from ACB by Annie Costello Brown. Much more your speed.
2. Rico Pouch in oxblood by Collina Strada, $66. Girls love tiny bags to put their randoms in. Collina Strada’s Rico Pouch is perfect for her lipstick, credit cards, and cell phone; and its oxblood color is not only festive, but also on trend. Check out the other colors and prints here.
3. Flint Nail Polish by RGB, $16. You probably don’t know a lot about nail polish—and lucky you because the L:C girls loooove to talk about it—but RGB is among the best. This flint color is perfect for a holiday party, or you can check out their other colors here.
4. Stackable Edge Ring Set with Stone by Alibi, 135. So you’re ready to give her a ring but not THAT ring, huh? Try this set of stackable sterling silver rings from Alibi. Onyx is much more casual than diamonds… and much cheaper.
5. Magnolia Candle by Izola, $33. Have you ever smelled a magnolia? Rulllll nice. She’ll dig it. Or, if you’re looking to freshen up your own space, Izola also makes a bunch of more masculine smells, too. Check them out here.
6. Seamed Cocoon Sweater by Addison, $195. The holidays are all about snuggling up next to each other, right? Why not wrap her up in this cozy shrug from Addison. You’ll thank us.

…And stay tuned for Volume 2 of Ladylike Gift Ideas, as well as other ideas for everyone on your shopping list!

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