Manly Gift Ideas: Volume 1

LADIES, TO MAKE HOLIDAY SHOPPING for your fella a little easier, we are pleased to suggest the following Manly Gift Ideas:

1. Mackinaw Cap by Filson, $52. For a hip Elmer Fudd-type, Filson’s Mackinaw Cap will keep his domepiece dry and warm with its wind- and rain-resistant wool.
2. Horse Head Pillow by Thomas Paul, $88. Giddy-up! Thomas Paul’s Horse Head Pillow is the perfect addition to his urban rustic man cave.
3. Alex Tie by Lifetime Collective, $35. Festivize his drab work wardrobe with Lifetime Collective’s bold plaid Alex Tie. Also available in red.
4. Carved Beard Brush by Bittle & Burley, $45. He worked hard to grow that beard, so reward the facial hair enthusiast in your life with Bittle & Burley’s classy Carved Beard Brush—much better than his plastic one from the corner bodega.

…And stay tuned for Volume 2 of Manly Gift Ideas, as well as other dope holiday ideas for  everyone on your shopping list!

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