Medal-worthy Olypmic Tweets

IF YOU’RE NOT GLUED TO THE OLYMPICS, you’re … Wait, what are you doing? Whatever. Whether it’s #GabbyDouglasHair (let her be!) or #LochteNation, L:C has Olympic fever. To show our support from abroad, we’ve compiled a list of Olympic athletes’ tweets we feel deserve medals of their own. Go team!

GOLD! Poor Serena Williams. While being locked out of your apartment isn’t fun—no matter what city you’re in—we’re glad to find proof that the Olympic athletes are just like us!

GOLD! As if her name wasn’t enough, add this tweet to the list of Lolo’s many talents. It’s clear she knows what’s up on and off the track. Running and flirting? What a way to go for the gold!

SILVER! You thought you were a fan of good ole ‘Merica? Missy Franklin takes Olympic pride to a whole ‘nother level with this colorful mani-pedi combo. #TeamUSA has never looked better!

SILVER! Lil’ Gabby Douglas has got to be the cutest thing since, um, we don’t know, ever? Good to know Douglas relies on more than just the support of her fans. Great way to stay focused, little one!

BRONZE! Besides killer genes, dry humor seems to run in the Daley family. (LOL.)

BRONZE! Wait—what?? Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

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