Runnin’ Wild & Lookin’ Pretty: A New Summer Window Display

OUR RUNNIN’ WILD & LOOKIN’ PRETTY WINDOW was actually inspired by my friend’s group on Facebook called “The Technicolor Yawn.” Members of the group periodically post mostly Photoshopped pictures of people or animals vomiting rainbows or colors—totally random and silly, I know.

So I was scrolling through TTY one day and ran into a really beautiful drawing of two wolves howling out a color cloud. It struck me as very summertime in Williamsburg. We shed most of our clothes and run wildly to the beach; we’re like a pack of untamed animals howling out our colors for a few months. Immediately, I knew I wanted to construct my own version of that in the window at L:C. The whole staff pitched in and I’m really stoked on the outcome. Hope you’re feelin’ it, too.

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