Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Even though it feels like it was just Mother’s Day, the time has come to give props to Pops. And if you’re like me and my brother you’ve done jack to prepare. But wait! I’ve compiled a manly list of last minute gifts that will make your dad nod approvingly: 

1. CXXVI’s Scrimshaw Pocket Knife: Sometimes dads have to cut stuff.

2. Molly Gee Designs’s Wool/Silk Bowtie: Hand-sewn tan and charcoal butterfly-shape bow tie in premium wool/silk blend with adjustable sizing and centerback metal hook and eye. 

3. Pocket Work Wear Shirt from Converse: The universal Dad Shirt—it’s stylish but not at all fussy, and he’ll wear it for years.

4. Anchor Tray: Perfect as a catch-all and super affordable.

5. Filson’s Zippered Tote Bag: We’ve got Filson now, y’all! Gift dad a classic bag that’s great for casual or professional use.

6. Gold Teeth Brooklyn’s Undies Card: Because you know your dad used to wear his tighty-whiteys and robe around the house when your friends were over. Ugh.

Happy Father’s Day, dads!

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