What We’re Watching: Game of Thrones

There was a time when I didn’t think all my thoughts in varied British dialects, stay up til 4 am screaming at HBOGO.com, or make my boyfriend respond to all my demands with “yes, milady.” But now that time seems so long ago.

I held off as long as I could possibly resist. Sure, I’d heard the rumors, seen the posters in the subway, scoffed and rolled my eyes at others’ anticipation. But a mere week ago, I caved—I drank the Game of Thrones Kool-Aid, and I liked it.

But how could I not? It’s got impending fear of things you can’t see, witches having scary smoke babies, cute baby dragons, Tyrion Lannister’s snarky mouth, and Jon Snow doing…well, I’d watch him do anything.

And no, I do not sit thisclose to the computer screen, squeal, and clap my hands when the opening title sequences plays. I definitely do not do that.

…So yeah, I’m into it. And you should be too, but a warning: the aforementioned symptoms are likely to occur. It is only a matter of time before you’ll be reconsidering email in favor of more romantic forms of communication, like ravens.

Oh, and bonus: I’ve got my Halloween costume all figured out. I’ve been looking for a reason to revisit platinum.

Check out a clip from the upcoming episode:

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