Spring Casual Dress Roundup

If I could only wear one type of clothing ever again, it would be the dress, no questions asked. I love dresses because you don’t have to match them with a top or a bottom—just add some shoes and an accessory or two, and you’re good to go! Take for instance, some of the casual spring dresses we’ve got in stock right now:

1. The Astrid Denim Dress by Won Hundred is a basic sleeveless denim dress in a light wash that can be styled a bunch of different ways—wear it with a contrasting leather belt and sandals, or layer it with a cropped sweater, tights and boots!

2. The Watercolor Stripe Dress by 10 Corso Colombo is a more feminine dress in a beautiful color scheme that can be worn to a garden party, a gallery opening or even a friend’s wedding.

3. The Bugged Box Pleat Dress by Aussie designer Something Else by Natalie Wood features a sweet polka dot (psst, with lady bugs mixed in sporadically—yes, seriously!) and a cutout back, and it manages to be comfy and super cute at the same time. This dress could be worn to a backyard BBQ, a birthday party or wherever else your heart desires.

…So suit up with a casual dress because warm weather is coming! And hopefully it’ll stick around for a while.

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