Life:Curated & STONES’ Spring Fling & Trunk Show

We’re in love with a new brand called STONES. We’re sooo into Stones, in fact, that we’ve teamed up with them to throw a Spring Fling Party and Trunk Show!

On Thursday, April 26, from 6-9 we’ll be offering 30% off the whole Stones collection, as well as 20% off everything else in the store. We’ll also be serving up some drinks and nibbles, and music and good vibes.

And, when you reply to our Facebook event HERE you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win free STONES clothing! …No, seriously, it’s completely free. They’re just like, giving it to you to show you how much they like you. So get it.

So come swing by our party, have a drink, and get introduced to our new fave, Stones! Can’t wait to see you there.

Cheers to springsies!

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