Low Luv’s Horse Hoof Pendant Necklace Has Seabiscuit’s Vote

Once, when I was twelve, I rode a horse. I was at a birthday party for a girl I barely knew, but I saw it as my chance to pull some moves I’d learned from Brad by watching hours of Hey Dude. As luck would have it, my horse backed me into a fence, so now my equestrian tendencies are forever limited to jewelry. And that is fine by me, especially if that jewelry is anything like the Horse Hoof Pendant from Low Luv by Erin Wasson. The length makes it a perfect statement necklace, but I’m a layering freak and I love a good necklace stack, so I pile it on with others too. Not to mention, it’s hooves! In the shape of a horseshoe! Clever, Miss Wasson … clever.

So giddy-up, because there’s more where this collection came from—rings, earrings, and bangles for your thoroughbred tastes. But I have to say, this one takes the Triple Crown, bar none. (I had to.) Saddle up HERE.

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