5 Products To Keep St. Patrick’s Day (Kinda) Classy

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and we at L:C are all for getting your Irish on, but our hope is just that we can keep it kind of, just a little classy. And I mean, most of us went to college in Savannah, where they take St. Patty’s seriously. But we’re older now, or at least not young enough to justify green puke, so here are five products to keep you looking spirited, but not like, underage or white trash-y:

1. Converse’s Marled Hoodie. Nothing says “St. Patty’s” like a green hoodie from Converse. My own green hoodie is a bit too obvious—it’s kelly green and says “St. Louis Irish” on it. And if I’m being honest, I own two … I should probably buy myself this hoodie.

2. Ace & Jig’s Seamed Racerback in verde. We’re HUGE fan’s of Ace & Jig, and this top is perfect March 17th because it features Ace & Jig’s classic style but there aren’t many left, so it’s also on super sale.

3. Juma’s Cargo Vest. We’re stoked to get Juma‘s new Spring line up on our website, but until then this vest not only says St Patrick’s Day—it’s green, duh—but it’s also suitable for work.

4. Farmyard Sheep Glass. This glass is the perfect size and heft to drink beer out of. And they have sheep in Ireland, right? If not, we also have cows, pigs, and chickens.

5. Anchor Bottle Opener. Ireland is an island. They must have ships. This anchor bottle opener is gnarly in a Red Hook slash Irish kind of way and is only $10.

…So that’s it. Keep St. Patrick’s Day classy, keep St. Patrick’s Day fun. And kiss you, you’re Irish.

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