Rebecca Minkoff’s [Better Than Your] Boyfriend Bag

A Riddle: What hangs around when you want it, is stylish, and can handle all your excess baggage? (Hint: it’s waaaay more reliable than a boyfriend.)

The Answer: A boyfriend bag. A Rebecca Minkoff Striped Boyfriend Bag, to be exact. Great for wallets, cell phones (special pockets inside AND out), post-its, bank pens, stolen sugar packets, old receipts, bills, phone chargers …I mean, hypothetically. If that’s what you lug around, or whatever. Oh, and peek inside—BOOM. Cheetah print.

Quit letting excess baggage weigh you down. As is my boyfriend motto, so shall be my bag mantra. And we just happen to be smitten with Minkoff’s. Get it here.

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