L:C Has Your FEBW (Future Ex-Boyfriend’s Wardrobe)

I tend to think ahead. Some might even call me a planner. And part of that planning may or may not be envisioning the clothing a potential (ex)boyfriend will wear. “Some girls dream of fancy cars, or boys to meet in fancy bars. All Day I Dream About Clothes. ADIDAC.” This will no doubt be my number one single. And yes, I just quoted myself. What make you of it? I am planning my future ex-boyfriend’s wardrobe, people.

What does that entail? Funny you should ask. A Future Ex-BF’s Wardrobe…
…is what I look forward to seeing the aforementioned boyfriend wear.
…is what I expect to borrow during the course of the relationship.
…is what I fully intend on keeping in the event the ‘ship sails.

This could go one of two ways, as I see it:

At Left, the ‘Dapper’ BF
: Klaxon Howl Denim Button Down, Klaxon Howl wool vest, Converse Black Label shadow stripe pants, Lifetime Collective Mr. Angelo tie (gotta come in to get this one! only two left!), Symmetry Cardew handkerchief, and J.D. Fisk Darren boots.

At Right, the ‘Dude’ BF: Won Hundred Lars Hoodie, Velour Simon Button Down, Converse Black Label Chuckin Slim Jean, and Swear Iggy boots.

(Oh, and what’s not currently online will be in a matter of days.)

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