What I’m Watching, Day 3: Happy Endings

Fun fact: I sat down to write this post about 45 minutes ago, but got lost in a sea of Happy Endings clips. Truth is, none of these clips do the show justice. Also, ABC puts exclamation marks at the end of all of their clips descriptions! (Did you feel how inappropriate that was?! So inappropriate!) And then I realized the ABC clips can’t even be embedded into my post, or at least not with my level of skill. So I had to go for this random one, which is a compilation of Derek clips, despite the fact that Derek was only on, like, three episodes. Oh well.

Yo, this show is awesome. It’s one of the few shows that gets the late 20-something / early 30-something joie de vivre. I mean, it’s a sitcom, so it definitely feels staged. But staged in a way that makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Watch this show. It’s on Wednesdays on ABC. I’m not sure what time, though, ’cause I always watch it on Hulu.

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