Win a Free Ace&Jig Hoodie or EcoAlf Bag!

So you already know that we’re throwing ourselves an Anniversary-Slash-Fashion’s-Night-Out Party on Thursday, right? Well, in addition to the discounted merch, free booze, rad music, a cool photobooth, and swag bags, we’re also raffling off some sweet door prizes!

Respond to our Facebook invite by 12:01am on Thursday morning to be entered to win one of two Ace & Jig hoodies like the one pictured at left (ladies) or a rad environmentally-conscience man-bag from EcoAlf (fellas)! We’ll notify the winners via Facebook on Thursday at noon, and you can claim your prize on Thursday night at the party. Correction: You must claim your prize at the party. Cuz we want to see your pretty/handsome face!

Respond to our Facebook invite here to be entered to win!

Like yous guys, and we’ll see you Thursday night! —The L:C Staff

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