Outfit of the Day: The Shadfather in The Addison Story, et al

Well looook who it is. Little Shadi looking innocent and unassuming. She looks like she’s saying, “Hey. HEY. Yeah, you. I said ‘hey’. Yeah. That’s all.”

Well now she has our attention, and check out those duds. Looking collectively cool in an Ever sleeveless button-down, Shad goes with my personal favorite and opts for the shirt-knot. She pairs them with The Addison Story olive green tap shorts and tops it off with 80%20 Bonnie peep-toe wedges and Low Luv’s Evil Eye necklace. Because in this instance and climate, it’s important that less is SO much less, which coincidentally equals more. Ya follow?

Furthermore, Shadi, what’re you hiding behind your back? A water gun? A cocktail? A cocktail-filled water gun?! You crazy! Whatever it is, don’t give us the cold shoulder unless you’re gonna let us lean on it.

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