Sweet Party Alert: Design Plot’s “Lot O Love” Benefit

SWEET PARTY ALERT: Our besties over at Domestic Construction are throwing a rad party this Sunday, August 7th from 3:30 until 9pm** to benefit their newest project, Design Plot. There’ll be yoga, food, dranks, music, and sweet sweet neighborhood lovin’. All for only a suggested donation of $15, which ain’t bad. Seriously though, it’s gonna be boss.

A bit about Design Plot: The girls at Domestic Construction fell in love with the empty lot next to their design studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and need your help to save it! They’ve decided to re-invent the abandoned space with their patented flare, and are turning it into a community garden focused on sustainability, urban living, and art. Sounds dope, huh? Yeah, that’s because it is. Check out more about the project and learn how you can help on their Kickstarter page.

Back to the party deets: Yoga’s at 4pm and is courtesy of Adriana Rizzolo and Aaron Angel from Abhaya Yoga. Music starts at 5 with Melati Malay of Lavalier, followed by Bubbles, and is topped off by a secret third act that’s so big I’m not allowed to say who it is. Drinks by Brooklyn Brewery, and food by Skytown BK. Oh, and a big shout out to our friends at Working Class Magazine for helping make the whole thing happen!

So come by 216 India St. in Greenpoint on Saturday for a rad time and a good cause! And seriously, don’t stiff our girls on the donation. That’s not cool.

** Flyer says 4:30-10pm, but it’s 3:30-9pm. Trust me, I should know.

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