Midsummer’s Dream Sale – Up to 70% Off

You love surprises, right? Everyone loves surprises. For instance, I loved when my gf said she taped ‘True Blood,’ which I guess is true enough, but then surprise! when I went to watch it it was in Spanish. And it took me a good 30 seconds to realize that there was no Spanish vampire written in in the 11th hour. But THIS is a surprise you’ll like:

Today marks the first day of our surprise Midsummer’s Dream Sale!
Which is just a fancy way of saying you can go ahead and tack an extra 20% off everything STOREWIDE (up to 70% off). Cuz it’s summer and it’s hot, and that gets really annoying. So you should have something to look forward to. May I suggest something in a nautical stripe for a cool 60% off? Cuz we’ve got a ferry in the neighborhood now.

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