“Concrete Jungle” Summer Window

So here’s a pic of our summer “Concrete Jungle” window:

I’m pretty stoked on it. I know it’s a lot simpler than some of our other windows, and I’m cool with that because when it gets this hot I feel like things need to be a little…pared down, I guess? Sparser? I dunno, I just get a touch of the claustrophobia when I’m hot and there’s too much clutter. And let me tell you, it may look like it was a breeze to put up, but that there leaf wall took me forever to hotglue together. And the thing about hotglue is that when you burn yourself with it, your first instinct is to wipe it off. But of course, when you do that you just end up wiping it onto your other hand, and now you’ve got two burns instead of one.

Anyway, this is our new window. Sorry the photo is so glarey. I took some pics when it got darker than this outside, but then you could barely see anything at all.

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One Response to “Concrete Jungle” Summer Window

  1. Johanna says:

    heh, the gnome is a nice touch.

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