Triskaidekaphobia: L:C Doesn’t Want You to Be Afraid Anymore

All fears of saying this word aloud aside, allow me to introduce you to the jewelry line Triskaidekaphobia. While the word itself means “fear of the number thirteen,” let me assure you that when it comes to this brand you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Unless you have a fear of awesome, in which case I did a Google search and such a word does not exist. Or you have a fear of getting addicted to jewelry, and well, I couldn’t find a word for that either.

Between throwing their SixSixSick parties, dj-ing, fashion freelancing, and presumably breathing, what’s one more project? Gals Tiffany Gong and Christina Rodriguez approach their jewelry line, Triskaidekaphobia with a healthy dose of style and quirk. And quite frankly, I’m a little scared of where my jewelry box would be without them.

Consider the photos above—left: the Tooth Button earrings in metal finishes with Swarovski crystal, and right: the sterling silver Drink Me bottle on 30” sterling silver chain. I’m also looking forward to putting out pieces from the Gear Collection, which features a banging contrast of metal and acrylic.

Look, see? That wasn’t too hard now was it? Unless you have allodoxaphobia (fear of opinions), in which case I would suggest saving up your own two cents and putting it towards bedecking yourself with everything from this line.

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