Won Hundred Is Danish for ‘Awesome’

You may have never heard of Nikolaj Nielsen, but this doesn’t mean he’s a stranger to the fashion world. He’s the founder of Won Hundred, having made his goal of launching a distinctive clothing line a reality in 2005. Nikolaj founded the line with the ambition to ‘challenge the way fashion was grasped in native Denmark’. He has formed a strong contemporary collection combining classic shapes with interesting design details, all the while remaining true to his mission: ‘defining a modern style for multi-faceted and enthusiastic individuals.’ The brand has certainly grown immensely since it’s inception, and we have a feeling things are only going to get bigger and better for them. Be sure to stop by L:C to see our selection of Won Hundred for both men and women. Attached left and below are a few of our favorites.

Left: Iron dress in print plum.
Her, below left: Vonne tee in white.
Her, below right: Kerr cowl neck sweater in heather grey.
Him, below left: Pull Lucas Sweat tee in grey melange.
Him, below right: Casper Nick shirt in striped black.

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