Inside Out: Lingerie by VPL

Underwear, outerwear, anywhere. Long live VPL!

It feels like it was just yesterday: I’m all dressed up and ready to head out the door to A-period when my mom spots my outfit in the hallway. ‘Is that what you’re wearing to school?’ she’d ask, her voice like nails on a chalkboard. ‘Yeesss…why?’ Wait for it. ‘You can see your bra straps. You should probably change.’

Ugh! If only VPL had been around in 1998. VPL lingerie (which stands for Visible Panty Lines) was founded in 2003 by Victoria Bartlett, a well-known stylist who wanted to design a capsule collection that would ‘fill the niche between lingerie and sportswear’. She wanted to create undergarments that could be mixed, matched, and layered. Her ultimate goal was to ‘challenge the fashion world with an innovative concept of sexy’. Well, Victoria, go ahead and cross that off your to-do list. VPL has been a huge hit among girls who appreciate understated sexiness. Ladies are lovin’ the bold colors and fun trims, as well as the uber-comfy mesh and jersey fabrics utilized by the brand. Now that it’s warm out, get your JT on and bring sexy back with one of our VPL bras or panties.

Pictured above: B Bra in Salmon, Insertion Bodice in Skin, and Bisectional Bra in Tar

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