Mabel’s Fave Timo Weiland Sp. ’11 Pieces

T to the I to the M to the O.

To quote fashion journalist Matthew Schneier: “They’re never going to make basics, and really, there’s no reason that they should.”
 Each Timo Weiland piece has something special about it. From their prints to their color choices, from their materials to their silhouettes, each piece in their collection is strong. They design for both men and women, and if you wear a Timo you are sure to be best dressed in the room.

The creative team behind Timo Weiland (the brand) is two 20-something designer guys, who debuted their first collection in 2009. Timo Weiland (the man), who had no formal fashion background, was taught how to sew from his mother. He was always drawn to the arts, which helped to grow his interest in fashion. His partner in design, Alan Eckstein studied advertising and marketing communication at FIT, which made them a match made in heaven.

Check out some of my favorite womens Timo pieces at the store, pictured above and below. 😉

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