¡Bienvenidos a Mike Gonzalez!

…And to quote the great Will Smith, “Bienvenidos a Mi-ami!”

Not that I’ve ever been to Miami (or Florida for that matter) but I imagine as soon as you exit the plane there are ladies wearing Mike Gonzalez from head to toe. Okay, maybe not head to toe, but they would rock the hell out of this stuff. Mike Gonzalez, part of the design duo Mike & Chris, known for luxe hoodies and great leather pieces, has now moved on to a solo project. Focused on women’s wear only, Mike Gonzalez (the brand) is definitely not afraid of color, texture, or unique silhouettes. Take, for example, his Cap Sleeve Crochet Dress pictured at left. This dress features an interesting triangular crochet pattern at the bust and hem and comes in a great olive color that would pair perfectly with a bright coral polish. Come by the store to see the dress as well as the pieces below. And there’s more where those came from, too!

LEFT: Leather Moto Vest in black. RIGHT: Cap Sleeve Cage Shirt in orange.

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