Copy: Shoes. Comfortable. Black. Questions?

A sneaker and a fancy shoe fell in love, had a baby boy, and named it Direct Low—a better name than Mariah’s choices, Monroe and Moroccan, but then again I’m not naming twins or even shoes for that matter…. And it has absolutely nothing to do with me having a soft spot for things sharing my name. At. All.

At any rate, we are proud to announce that we carry this well-named, well-made shoe. It’s crafted from black leather, is incredibly comfortable, and features subtle seam detailing.

Come in and check out Copy’s tees, necklaces, and rings, too. Do it, and I can guarantee you a little Fantasy or Dream Lover. Hero, if you’re lucky.

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2 Responses to Copy: Shoes. Comfortable. Black. Questions?

  1. Matt says:

    can you wear that with a suit?

    • Ryan says:

      Is this Matt, like my brother Matt? If you are my brother, then no, you can’t wear these with a suit to the event you mean. If you aren’t my brother, then I would say yes, but it’d definitely be a casual semi street look.

      Also, if you are my brother just call to ask me, fool.

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