Hey, That’s My Bike (Bag)!

Finally! Bike riding season is upon us. No more sleet or snow to get in the way and slow us down. But, fellow bike ridin’ brothers and sisters, I must ask – does the following conundrum affect you as well? Whenever I’m gearing up to leave my apartment for a lovely ride through Brooklyn, I’m hit with the following problem – where to stash all my stuff?? Opt for a fanny pack and get teased (you do know what ‘fanny’ means in Australia, don’t you?). Backpacks give me flashbacks of the 7th grade when I accidentally tucked my dress into the back of said pack…never lived that one down. And the tote-as-a-backpack deal means you run the risk of things tumbling out as you ride. And so, dear Hillary, we commend you for designing the Moto Bag for Collina Strada’s Spring line! An adorable little canvas and leather bag that attaches to your bicycle seat! Loves it.

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