It’s Britney, B!+ch

Is it me, or is Britney’s new Till the World Ends video like a less hot version of I’m a Slave 4 U? But maybe that’s the point? I dunno, I don’t read the Britney blogs. Anyway, watch below. We’ll reconvene when you’re ready.

Now then, let’s examine the facts: Light-crazed party-goers crammed into a dingy space? Check and check. (Then: ecstasy-induced, now: apocalyptic.) Sweaty bodies heaving in unison? Check and check. (And HOT in both, by the way.) Shoulder and chest popping? Check and check. (Although, come ON, Brit, where’re the Slave-alicious moves?) Sprinklers? Check aaaaand check. Excessive whipping of hair? Check and check. (More this time around, though. I blame Willow Smith.) …So yeah, pretty much the same video.

I leave you with the following closing thoughts: 1.) I’m REALLY feelin’ the Burberry Prorsum spike leather jacket she’s rocking at the beginning of the video. 2.) This song is horribly infectious. I love and hate it. 3.) Jennifer Coolidge would play a good Britney in the made-for-TV movie.

That is all.

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