New for Spring: Dusen Dusen

L:C’s got Dusen Dusen for spring, y’all!

Lookit this dope backpack— Wait, hold up. I need to say that usually I am very anti plain backpack for grown-ups, especially grown men. I don’t know why, but an adult dude rockin’ a Jansport always concerns me… like, there’s something not quite right there. I can’t pinpoint why exactly, but I think it has something to do with all the SVU I watch. I’m skeptical of grown men that dress like children. (Which is why yesterday’s velcro issue.) But I happily break my own rule for leather or printed backpacks. And Ellen Van Dusen’s Triangles Pack is the absolute coolest of the bunch.

Come check out Dusen Dusen’s totally boss backpacks, which are SO cool that I won’t have to call Mariska to report you. We also have a couple of Ellen’s dresses and tops that feature her beautiful prints, too. DUNG DUNG. <–That was my attempt at the Law & Order noise.

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