Lil Noni in Monrow and Wood Wood

Spring is all sorts of here.

And I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that it’s still kinda cold, so spring is definitively NOT here and what are you talking about cuz it’s raining? And you’re also thinking mean jokes about my mom, cuz Mom Jokes are always funny. Even when they’re about your own mom.

But it’s true. Spring’s here. (Or, at least it will be whenever the solstice or vernal equifax or whatever gets here.) It’s just that spring is sometimes kinda chilly and rainy, and people forget. But sometimes (like this upcoming Friday) it’s warm. Like, 67 degrees warm. I mean, it’s supposed to rain, sure. But baby steps. Sometimes it DOESN’T rain and it’s actually warm, too. So for those days, check out our homegirl Lil Noni, at left. (Her name is technically Victoria, but we call her Noni. Long story. Anyway.)

Noni’s got on two brands that are new to L:C for spring: Monrow up top—that nautical stripe that’s so hot right now—and Wood Wood down below—that adorable floral short that’s looking so fly on her downstairs. And then waaaay in the basement Nons is rocking a Madison Harding wedge that makes her crazy tall. In a good way.

In closing: Bring it, spring.

(A postscript: Did y’all see Comedy Central’s roast of Trump? DANG with all the Marlee Matlin jokes, right?!)

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