“Out with the Cold, in with the Woo.”

Bam! Pow! You just got hit with our new (Pre)Spring Window, yo!

See, it’s almost 60 degrees right about meow, so you should definitely be shopping. That’s what I like to do when it’s warm. Well, that and drink. And swim. But anyway, we got a new window, fresh merch, and a whole new outlook on shizz. Well, maybe not a whole new outlook, but it’s warm and we’re listening to an upbeat soundtrack so we’re feeling all optimistic and whatever. I say ‘we’ because it’s me and Lo and Bliz at the store today, and Lo is doing the Rachel Berry walk to Firework, and Liz is trying clothes on and making friends. And I am typing this. Anyway. Tomorrow gonna be warm, too, and we’ve got quite a bit of new spring stuff out, but also some rad heavily discounted fall merch. So bring it.

Oh, and we’re back to blogging again. Watch out now.

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