Let Life:Curated Be Your Cupid!


Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and we all know how daunting of a task it can be to find that perfect gift for your sweetheart. Flowers? They’ll be dead in a weeks time. Expensive dinner out? Portions nowadays are so small, you’ll hardly feel full. Chocolates? They just make us fat and screw up our skin. Instead, why not take the high road and check out our V-day goods that’ll be sure to please even the hardest critic.

First off, there’s the quintessential ‘Heart Tee’ from Laugh Cry Repeat (was $84, now marked down to $59). This cropped tee is made of soft white jersey fabric and has an oversized heart appliqué. It’s also available in a heather grey with a gold leather appliqué heart, which is also cute, if not a bit flashier.

Next is our LowLuv ‘Triple Crystal’ cocktail ring ($115). This piece definitely makes a statement. Part of model/designer Erin Wasson’s Low Luv label, it features a gold colored antiqued band and three crystals in different sizes held in place by delicate prongs. We’ve also got some other pieces from Low Luv’s crystal collection. All of which are very reasonably priced, by the way.

And if you’re feeling racy, try lingerie! We carry a full range of gorgeous bras and panties from VPL, a line who has perfected the understated sexy look. The set pictured here is made of a soft, stretchy fabric and features lots of cool detailing, like sheer mesh trim, metallic piping and grosgrain straps on the bra. (Bra: $85, panties: $75)

No gift will be complete without a card, of course. No worries because we’ve got those too. In this post we’ve featured the ‘Dashed Heart’ by Gold Teeth ($4) and the ‘Love Card’ by Yellow Owl Workshop ($4.50). We also have other designs by Hammerpress, Near Modern Disaster and more.

Stop by soon and maybe even pick up something for yourself. You deserve it 😉


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