Rediscovering ‘Criminal’

Yeeeessssssss. Meyer and I have rediscovered La Apple (L’Apple?) — no, not Gwyneth’s ill-named spawn. Fiona. Fiona Apple.

Y’all, this video is HOT. I mean, sure, she looks a little methed out, and there’s nothing hot about meth cuz that ish is narrrrsty. I’m not speaking from experience, mind you, but it just seems real gross. (Sidebar: There’s a billboard by my parents’ house that just says “METH” real big like that. I’m not terribly certain what the message is there?) But this video is sweaty-faced, skinny-boned, writhing-on-a-carpet-that-most-definitely-has-bedbugs HOT.

This video is going on the mood board for our Spring photoshoot and window. Wanna know what our Spring motif is? Yeah, I bet you do.

Don’t do meth, okay? Ew.

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