L:C Highly Enjoys Alberto Seveso

Big ups to Annie E., our department assistant at my 9-to-5, for forwarding along the beautiful work of Italian illustrator and designer Alberto Seveso. (In my head I always read that name with a bad heavy Italian accent.)

What initially attracted me (via Annie) to Seveso’s work was this series, though I have no idea what I’m looking at:

…cuz it reminds me a bit of our Valentine’s Day window, which is two parts Dexter and one part Dynasty and will be unveiled in its entirety tomorrow on the blog.

But then, I got to looking at his website, and also really dig this look, which he’s perfected:

Right? Eh? Eh? And now, the sexy crawling version:

Anyway. Cool stuff. Thought I’d share.

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2 Responses to L:C Highly Enjoys Alberto Seveso

  1. His work IS amazing! I actually just got to work with him —I art directed him on a recent book cover…he’s fab! Btw-Great blog–great store! I have to get up there to check it out in person. Congrats on all the recent press!

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