The West Coast is the Best Coast

Winters suck, let’s just face it. 2011 has been a continuous stretch of snow, slush, wind and temperatures dropping down to the single digits. But if there’s anything that can get your mind off the cold, it’s daydreaming about SUMMER! Summer rules, winter drools. One artist who embraces our favorite season, like, 24/7 is Bethany Cosentino, also known as Best Coast. In fact, Bethany loves Summer so much that she left our beloved NYC behind to move back to her home state of California. L.A. may be filled with congested roads, smog and silicone, but its warm weather can’t be beat.

I’ve been a fan of Best Coast for a couple years now, and she’s finally getting noticed by the masses (she performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago). Her lyrics are a perfect blend of teen girl angst, beach bum stoner, and cat lady. After all, she did feature her cat Snacks on the cover of her latest album ‘Crazy for You’. All I know is this: I want to be like Bethany. Not in a creepy single-white-female kind of way, but more of a lets-be-best-pals way. She seems really chill, ya know? Funny, laid-back, and down for whatevs. My kind of girl. Make sure to check her out while she’s in New York: she plays Webster Hall on February 2nd and Williamsburg Hall of Music on February 3rd.

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