L:C Wants to Hang Out Monday Night

Let’s face it. Times might be looking up, but some days in this town are down right dog-like. Especially with this fugly winter that’s upon us. That’s why it’s nice to be able to count on a few reliables. Consider the following:

  • I will always have laundry. Months worth of laundry that is rationed out between holidays and overnight babysitting gigs when a washer/dryer is at my secret disposal.
  • No matter the degree, Whole Foods will always cure my hangover.
  • My grandma and her relentless belief that I am going to wear her wedding gown down the aisle. (Ahe was a size zero when she got married in 1949). HA.
  • The healing power of (all) dessert.
  • My belief in coincidence. If it were a religion, I would be a Bible-beating born-again.

But something that has stood the test of age and distance is the power of a friend date.

Last Monday, my best-friend of 26 years and I attended a class she found online called TRX Body Blast. A work-out method using canvas bands hung from ceiling beams, TRX works to achieve a full body (upper/lower/espesh core) and cardio workout. As chance would have it, no one else signed up for the class. (Not gonna lie, a little concerned at first) HOWEVER we ended up with an entirely private session ($core!), during which many a high-five and encouraging word were exchanged betwixt straps.

Afterwards, Vic wanted a burger. Being of the non-carni appe-type, I coerced her north of TriBeCa to a restaurant a vegetarian friend had spoken highly of.  Carniverous, but mostly just starved at this point, Vic was compliant to anything. Souen proved to not only be a great after-ass-kicking workout meal, but totally everything my friend had raved about. Now, I realize, words like “macrobiotic” “natural” and “organic” can be unsettling and don’t necessarily pack the satisfaction of say, a popsie slider — I’m looking at YOU, Snacky’s — but trust when I say that the health-centric triumvirate description of Souen delivers. Actually, I think they do. I digress. The waitstaff was incredibly helpful, friendly, and completely well-versed in the extensive menu. I went with my waitress’ recommendation of the macro plate (“an ideal balance of steamed greens, vegetables, brown rice, beans and hijiki seaweed”) an opted for the tahini dill dressing. Filling! Clean! Cheap! Awesome.

Point blank, when the boss is grating the nerves, the boy/girl doesn’t call, and it seems like 2011 has yet to prove itself, count yourself lucky beyond your stars if you have friends. Especially if those friends find cool class coupons online and are game for your restaurant escapades when they are about to chew their (and your) arm off. And hopefully that class that makes you feel like you kicked some ass (mayhaps aforementioned boy/girl who you still haven’t heard from) and burn over 900 calories in an hour’s time to boot. Then get some good grub after. Because what better way to achieve true happiness than sweat, eats, and bffls.

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