We Totally Rocked NBC’s ‘First Look’

Hey, New York, did you watch SNL this past Saturday? The one with Jim Carrey? I heard that it had the best ratings since the Betty White ep. I really like Betty White a lot, by the way, however I’m not sure how I felt about Black Swan. (The movie, not the SNL skit.) But that’s a whole different blog post. I just kinda feel like — well, you know what, I’m not gonna go there in case you haven’t seen the movie. But if you did see it, you understood what was happening when her legs buckled like that right? And the thing with the toes? I thought so. See, Kate, you’re the only one who didn’t. It’s okay, though.

I don’t actually care about SNL — especially since they nixxed my one true love, Jenny Slate, after she dropped the f-bomb on ONE episode… that’s what happened, right? — but the reason I ask is that L:C and Meyer and me were on NBC’s First Look afterward. And it’s meant to be in the back of the cabs, too! Usually I turn that screen thing off cuz I think it’s crazy annoying, but I’ve been leaving it on lately in case our ugly mugs pop up. Cuz I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to obsess about this or that or the other, is why. And do you know what I realized? If you leave that stupid TV thingy on your driver is a LOT less likely to talk to you. Which is fantastic!

Anyway, check out our segment on NBC’s First Look with the suber adorable Jackie Tranchida here.

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