On SALE: Buckler Drop-Crotch Sweats

40% OFF

I know that the idea of a drop-crotch pant is kinda hard to get used to. But I gotta tell you, I luuurve them. I have Buckler’s drop-croth jean AND this, their drop-croth boiled wool sweatpant. Actually, Meyer and Liz have them too.

My favorite Sunday strolling outfit is these pants, a cheap-o white tee, my bomb cardigan with the eagle on the back, some brown boots, and my dog little BR. These pants are so warm that you don’t need a coat, is what I’m saying.

Get over your fear of extra junk room, is the other thing I’m saying.

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4 Responses to On SALE: Buckler Drop-Crotch Sweats

  1. Jon says:

    Where can i get these at cause these are so sick

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