Mabel in Seneca Rising …and Ace & Jig …and Mary Meyer

I don’t have the energy to be sassy or cute at this very moment, and so I leave being sassy and cute up to Mabel and her wardrobe.

Like Shadi, Mabel’s wearing a Seneca Rising buttondown. This one isn’t as oversized, but the color is listed as “deep raisin,” which makes me real happy-like. It also makes me think of the California Raisins, which makes me think of a mini record of theirs I had as a little boy, back when McDonald’s used to sell (give away?) records. I used to play that bad boy on my little record player in the basement of our old house on Neosho. But this post isn’t about the California Raisins. It’s about Mabel and what she’s wearing. So let’s get back to it; stop distracting me, okay? Mabel’s also working Ace & Jig’s black field jacket and Mary Meyer’s harem pants, which happen to be on supersale right now.

In other news, I really wanna Rickroll you guys in the nearish future. Consider yourselves warned.

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