I May Be a Pescetarian but I Don’t Like Phish.

[A QUICK NOTE FROM RYAN: This is the very first post in a new category, about which we are all very excited. And that category, friends, is “See Shadi Date.” See, Shadi’s famous around L:C for her fearless dating style and expert courting advice. Who better, then, to pen L:C’s dating column than our girl Shads? Enjoy.] END RYAN, START SHADI.

Ladies, let me start off by saying that I am just as guilty of this as you are, but if there is only one piece of advice I can offer when going on a date with a stranger it is this:


I know, it seems obvious. Who wants to waste a perfectly good evening with someone they have absolutely nothing in common with? Certainly not me. But alas, I wasted such an evening Wednesday night.

Case in point, a small snippet of the conversation that made me want to run far, far away:
HIM: So, what are your plans for New Years?
ME: Oh, I’m not exactly sure yet but I think I’m gonna go to my friend Sarah’s party.
HIM: Cool.
ME: How about you?
HIM: I’ll be in the thick of it at MSG [Madison Square Garden].
ME: You’re going to a show?
HIM: Yeah, I’m seeing Phish, 3 nights in a row.
ME: Oh… WOW.

Needless to say, the rest of the date was awkward for me. Not to mention lame, boring, and horribly uncomfortable. I will not be hanging out with him again. BUT, seeing as how we’re all supposed to “learn from our mistakes,” I vowed to myself to take something valuable away from this experience. Namely, I must know that the date and I have a basic, shared common ground when it comes to things like music, food, and art. We don’t have to like all of the same things, but I ain’t messin’ around with no more Phish-heads.

Until next time, happy dating!

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