Shadé en Bleu


Don’t you wonder what Meyer said to Shadi to make her giggle so? I do. I wonder that. I bet it was a joke about your mom. I bet it was hysterical, too.

I love this shade of blue. In the design department at my publishing house, we call this “Gunta blue.” It’s cuz we used to have an old school Latvian designer-slash-calligrapher on staff, named Gunta. And Gunta used to wear this particular blue every day. Like, literally every day.

Anyway, this is Seneca Rising’s washed shirt-dress in Gunta blue. It’s supes softs, and Shads says it’s mad comfortable. Shadi’s also wearing Low Luv’s crystal bracelet (shown here in clear, but also available in black), and 80%20’s toggle boot. Oh, and some leggins and big ole socks of her own.

Meanwhile, this pic was obviously taken pre-blizzard. Cuz we can’t open our back door right now to get to the backyard where this photo was taken.

Ugh, I should probably go shovel.

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