Holiday Jewelry Close-ups

Remember our holiday dress post? Hopefully you do, otherwise you’re 1) not reading our blog, or 2) losing your memory. And I’m not sure which’d be worse, frankly. Anyway, it was kinda hard to see the jewelry, wasn’t it? Well, here are a some close-up shots of two of our fave L:C broads in their holiday bling:

ABOVE: Shadi in AKVintage’s River Chants necklace. Simple, yet rad.

ABOVE: Madeleine wearing All For the Mountain’s Taliswoman Necklace. And yes, those are breast-shaped pendants. Maddy herself told us one day that a friend of hers was familiar with breast-shaped jewelry, and that it was a Native American charm against breast cancer. I did a Google search just now and couldn’t find anything to confirm that. If any of y’all know what I’m talking about, could you leave a comment? We’d sure like to know more!

ABOVE: These are Maddy’s feet. Maddy’s feet are wearing Madison Harding’s lace oxford in black. Cute, huh?

ABOVE: A close-up of Shad’s phalanges. She’s got Lady Grey’s Facet Cuff on her wrist and Lady Grey’s Crystal Crown Ring in gunmetal on her wedding finger. Does that mean she’s married to the store? Why, yes it does. And she had better not cheat on us because forever means forever.

ABOVE: Low Luv’s tribal necklace hang ’round Matso’s dainty neck. It’s cool and tough and very reasonably priced.

Okay, so there are y’all’s close-ups. Now come buy jewelry.

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