Patterns on Patterns on Patterns on Patterns on…

Photo © 2010 by Jacob Pritchard. On Anton: Waffle henley and Chuckin' Slim pant by Converse by John Varvatos, lined flannel by Buckler, and glen plaid toggle vest by Creep by Hiroshi Awai. On Madeleine: Pocket v-neck by LAMade, short-sleeve cardigan by Ever, and ruched plaid skirt by Timo.Weiland. Blanket by Creative Women.

Man, do I love me some sweet plaid-on-plaid action! In fact, after styling this shoot a while back, I decided I loved Anton’s look so much that I now copy it all the time. My flannel isn’t as major as this one—I call it the poor man’s Buckler—but still.

And also, I love the lighting in this photo, no? Ah, good ole Jake Pritchard. Wait. “Good ole” makes him sound jolly. And jolly means fat. Jake’s not fat.

Glad we got that straightened out.

Couple of hidden things in this photo worth mentioning: First, Anton’s flannel is lined with a red gingham, which is totally boss. Second, his vest is lined with shearling. So that’s cool, too. And lastly, Maddy’s sweater is one of our very favorite pieces in the store. We actually sold one to my boss at the publishing house—hi, Cecilia!!—just the other day. Which means we only have two left. Which means you should snap it up now. So jump on that.


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