Party (Dresses) Over He-ere!

Yo, I’ve been working on this post for a second, son. Note the inclusion of Matso, that’s how long this has been in the making. Without further ado, here are some party dress options… Wait! One more ado: Yes, I know there’s a lot of black here. But this is New York, fool. We like our black.

Okay, now here are some party dress options. Check out my girls:

Let’s break it down now…

1. Shadi swing my way, sure look good to me so won’t you please swing my way. (Sorry, I’ve been waiting to do that for ages now.) Shad’s wearing Ever’s Whitmore dress in rubia and AKVintage’s River Chants necklace.
2. Maddy! You missed her didn’t you? I know I have. Maddy’s rockin’ Ever’s Stebbins dress in black, All For The Mountain’s Taliswoman necklace, and Madison Harding’s lace oxford.
3. Elizabeth is sporting Ever’s trench dress in black and Megan Isaacs’ Duet Necklace.
4. Lo’s hoping and wishing and praying in Society For Rational Dress’ zip front dress in black and DLC’s Metronome necklace. Love this pic!
5. Okay. These are women’s pants, albeit inspired by menswear. Lo’s wearing them, is why I felt I needed to be clear, given her love of cross-dressing. She’s got on Ever’s striped silk cami in navy/black atop their pleated trouser in black. Oh, and DLC’s multi-chain necklace.
6. Liz is smoking in Laugh Cry Repeat’s gold leather and jersey jacket, Chelsea Flower’s studded silk top, Society For Rational Dress’ mini skirt, and Laura Lombardi’s stacked rectangle necklace. So shiny!
7. Shad’s looking sultry in Laugh Cry Repeat’s ruffle dress and Lady Grey’s faceted cuff, which is be-a-u-tiful! You may also recognize this picture from Shadi’s Facebook profile, stalkers.
8. And Maddy’s bringing us home in Something Else’s paneled dress in black, Low Luv’s tribal necklace, and Madison Harding’s lace oxford.

Come pop by the store to steal the ladies’ holiduh looks or to build one of your own. Okay, now I check this off my To Do List.

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